Dear Customers, Suppliers, and Colleagues,

Amid the COVID-19 global outbreak, I want to reassure you of our plans and priorities over the coming months. We plan to continue operating as usual where possible, ensuring service is maintained through this difficult time. While taking our own precautions, we will follow Government advice on the best course of action to protect our staff and customers.

As an integrated part of the UK transport and logistics sector, we will work to ensure around the clock support for our customers, especially at a time where these services are vital to support the Government’s response to the virus. We have reviewed our own hardware supply chain to ensure we have adequate stock levels to maintain operations, and likewise continue to adhere to business continuity plans.

Should stricter quarantine rules come into place, our team will still be contactable on existing phone numbers with no loss of service or support to you as our customers.

We are preparing our business for the anticipated economic impact of the virus, and we kindly ask that you work with us through this difficult time to allow us to continue supporting you and providing a high level of service using the professionalism and dedication of our staff.

We wish you well, with kindest regards,
The Directors of Muztrans

Our NEW Arrival

The first of our New Generation Scanias.                                                                                                                        

This one comes with a Fassi 820 with a maximum reach of 25 metres                                                                                                       Available to book NOW


Muztrans New Addition To The Fleet

Muztrans are pleased to welcome a new addition to the fleet . The 7.5t Curtain Sided vehicle with a Tail-Lift and ULEZ Euro 6

engine ready to face future requirements, with a payload of 2900kg. . We have found that this vehicle type is ideal for London deliveries with access issues.

We have also invested in a 12t box tail-lift , this vehicle comes with the same dimensions as a 7.5t vehicle but has the added bonus in achieving a 6 ton payload!